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Helm Secrets

Helm-secrets is a helm plugin that manages secrets with Git workflow and stores them anywhere. It delegates the cryptographic operations to Mozilla's Sops tool, which supports PGP, AWS KMS and GCP KMS.

The configuration is stored in .sops.yaml files. You can find in Mozilla's documentation a detailed configuration guide. For my use case, I'm only going to use a list of PGP keys, so the following contents should be in the .sops.yaml file at the project root directory.

    - pgp: >-
        {{ gpg_key_1 }},
        {{ gpg_key_2}}


Weirdly, helm plugin install --version v3.9.1 asks for your github user :S so I'd rather install it by hand.

tar xvzf helm-secrets.tar.gz -C "$(helm env HELM_PLUGINS)"
rm helm-secrets.tar.gz

If you're going to use GPG as backend you need to install sops. It's in your distribution repositories, but probably not in the latest version, therefore I suggest you install the binary directly:

  • Grab the latest release
  • Download, chmod +x and move it somewhere in your $PATH.

Prevent committing decrypted files to git

From the docs:

If you like to secure situation when decrypted file is committed by mistake to git you can add your secrets.yaml.dec files to you charts project repository .gitignore.

A second level of security is to add for example a .sopscommithook file inside your chart repository local commit hook.

This will prevent committing decrypted files without sops metadata.

.sopscommithook content example:


for FILE in $(git diff-index HEAD --name-only | grep <your vars dir> | grep "secrets.y"); do
    if [ -f "$FILE" ] && ! grep -C10000 "sops:" $FILE | grep -q "version:"; then
        echo "!!!!! $FILE" 'File is not encrypted !!!!!'
        echo "Run: helm secrets enc <file path>"
        exit 1


Encrypt secret files

Imagine you've got a values.yaml with the following information:

  enabled: true
  adminPassword: admin

If you want to encrypt adminPassword, remove that line from the values.yaml and create a secrets.yaml file with:

  adminPassword: supersecretpassword

And encrypt the file.

helm secrets enc secrets.yaml

If you use Helmfile, you'll need to add the secrets file to your helmfile.yaml.

    - values.yaml
    - secrets.yaml

From that point on, helmfile will automatically decrypt the credentials.

Edit secret files

helm secrets edit secrets.yaml

Decrypt secret files

helm secrets dec secrets.yaml

It will generate a secrets.yaml.dec file that it's not decrypted.

Be careful not to add these files to git.

Clean all the decrypted files

helm secrets clean .

Add or remove keys

If you want to add or remove PGP keys from .sops.yaml, you need to execute sops updatekeys -y for each secrets.yaml file in the repository. helm-secrets won't make this process easier for you.

Check sops documentation for more options.