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Helm Installation

There are two usable versions of Helm, v2 and v3, the latter is quite new so some of the things we need to install as of 2020-01-27 are not yet supported (Prometheus operator), so we are going to stick to the version 2.

Helm has a client-server architecture, the server is installed in the Kubernetes cluster and the client is a Go executable installed in the user computer.

Helm client

You'll first need to configure kubectl.

The binary is still not available in the distribution package managers, so check the latest version in the releases of their git repository, and get the download link of the tar.gz.

wget {{ url_to_tar_gz }} -O helm.tar.gz
tar -xvf helm.tar.gz
mv linux-amd64/helm ~/.local/bin/

We are going to use some plugins inside Helmfile, so install them with:

helm plugin install
helm plugin install

Now that you've got Helm installed, you'll probably want to install Helmfile.