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Helm Commands

Small cheatsheet on how to use the helm command.

List charts

helm ls

Get information of chart

helm inspect {{ package_name }}

List all the available versions of a chart

helm search -l {{ package_name }}

Download a chart

helm fetch {{ package_name }}

Download and extract

helm fetch --untar {{ package_name }}

Search charts

helm search {{ package_name }}

Operations you should do with helmfile

The following operations can be done with helm, but consider using helmfile instead.

Install chart

Helm deploys all the pods, replication controllers and services. The pod will be in a pending state while the Docker Image is downloaded and until a Persistent Volume is available. Once complete it will transition into a running state.

helm install {{ package_name }}

Give it a name

helm install --name {{ release_name }} {{ package_name }}

Give it a namespace

helm install --namespace {{ namespace }} {{ package_name }}

Customize the chart before installing

helm inspect values {{ package_name }} > values.yml

Edit the values.yml

helm install -f values.yml {{ package_name }}

Upgrade a release

If a new version of the chart is released or you want to change the configuration use

helm upgrade -f {{ config_file }} {{ release_name }} {{ package_name }}

Rollback an upgrade

First check the revisions

helm history {{ release_name }}

Then rollback

helm rollback {{ release_name }} {{ revision }}

Delete a release

helm delete --purge {{ release_name }}

Working with repositories

List repositories

helm repo list

Add repository

helm repo add {{ repo_name }} {{ repo_url }}

Update repositories

helm repo update