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Tap spin

  • 8: Feet at the end of a running man, we generate a slight upper body twist clockwise to load the twist.
  • 8-and: Left foot goes back to the body axes and the right foot goes to the body with knee up like a running man, with the difference that we release the twist energy and we start turning counterclockwise. Weight is on the left foot toes and it's knee is a little bit bent.
  • 1: Right foot kicks sideways towards 3 touching the ground but not putting any weight into it while we unbend the left knee taking the chance to keep the spin going.
  • 1-and: Right foot goes back to the body and left knee is again a little bit bent waiting for the next kick.
  • 2: Equal to 1
  • 2-and: Equal to 1-and
  • 3: Becomes the 1 of the running man.

You can spin as long as you want, I've explained a two times spin, but if you want to go further repeat 1 and 1-and as long as you want.

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Francis Spin

Awesome to start dancing.

  • 8: Both feet under your body, weight evenly spread between them. Give a small jump to start rotating clockwise (for example).
  • 8-and: After 90 degrees of turn, your feet touch the ground, take the chance to give the big push to rotate the following 270. Bring your exterior arm to your shoulder level.
  • 1: Arrive to the running man stance with the left foot in front, but don't stop the rotation inertia.
  • 1-and: Retrieve the left foot like any running man, but the foot points to your 5, right knee up.
  • 2: End your running man to your 5 with your right foot down. Add the final touch by lowering your external arm down.

To get there :

  • First practice the last part, the running man with a spin. The steps 1 to 2 described above until you are comfortable with it in both spinning directions. It's good to change the spin direction not to get dizzy.
  • Do the full move until you are comfortable.
  • Get it in time. Count in the song to start the movement in the 8 of the last time before a big drop.

Source: 1