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Kicking-Running man

  • 8-and: Both legs straight under our body, right leg lifted up with knee up front. Weight lies on the left foot.
  • 1: Right foot kicks forward without touching the ground, it's important that the kick is clean, so swift till the end and stop suddenly. At the same time the left foot has slided back a little bit.
  • 1-and: Right foot is retrieved, knee up and foot parallel to the ground, left foot keeps on sliding back.
  • 2: Right foot hits the ground, left foot keeps on sliding, weight is evenly shared between feet like the 1 of the running man.

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Sacco kicks

Sacco kicks looks similar to the T-Step adding some side kicks. There are two variations, either kick first in and then out or the other way around. I'm more comfortable with the first and I think it gives an advantage when combining it with the running man.

  • 8-and: Equal to the T-Step.
  • 1: The foot of the floor equal to the T-Step but the right foot kicks to your 10.5.
  • 1-and: Equal to the T-Step.
  • 2: The foot of the floor equal to the T-Step but the right foot kicks to your 3.

The advantage of the Sacco kicks is that as you are going to kick to your 10.5 in 1, you can slide the left foot quite a lot to your back (from 8 to 1), therefore gliding further than with a simple T-Step (you only have half a tempo before you need to put all your weight in your left leg because you need to twist).

Although the guy in the video slides the foot backwards when going to his left, try to do the twist of the T-Step.

(The guy is crazy, shuffling barefoot over gravel soil (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻).

Source: 1