Cooking as defined in Wikipedia, is the art, science, and craft of using heat to prepare food for consumption. It sounds like an enlightening experience that brings you joy. Reality then slaps you in the face yet once again. It's very different to cook because you want to, than cooking because you need to. I love to eat, but have always hated to cook, mainly because I've always seen cooking with that second view.

Being something disgusting that I had to do, pushed me to batch cook once a week as quickly as possible, and to buy prepared food from the local squat center's tavern. Now I aim to shift my point of view to enjoy the time invested preparing food. Two are the main reasons: I'm going to spend a great amount of my life in front of the stove, so I'd better enjoy it, and probably the end result would be better for my well being.

One way that can help me with the switch, is to understand the science behind it and be precise with the process. Thus this section was born, I'll start with the very basics and build from there on.