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passpy a platform independent library and cli that is compatible with ZX2C4's pass.


pip install passpy


To use passpy in your Python project, we will first have to create a new object.

import passpy

store = passpy.Store()

If git or gpg2 are not in your PATH you will have to specify them via git_bin and gpg_bin when creating the store object. You can also create the store on a different folder, be passing store_dir along.

To initialize the password store at store_dir, if it isn't already, use

store.init_store('store gpg id')

Where store gpg id is the name of a GPG ID. Optionally, git can be initialized in very much the same way.


You are now ready to interact with the password store. You can set and get keys using and generates a new password for a new or existing key. To delete a key or directory, use

For a full overview over all available methods see store-module-label.