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The DeepDiff library is used to perform search and differences in Python objects. It comes with three operations:

  • DeepDiff: Deep Difference of dictionaries, iterables, strings and other objects. It will recursively look for all the changes.
  • DeepSearch: Search for objects within other objects.
  • DeepHash: Hash any object based on their content even if they are not “hashable”.


Install from PyPi:

pip install deepdiff


Deep Search inside objects to find the item matching your criteria.

Note that is searches for either the path to match your criteria or the word in an item.


  • Importing

    from deepdiff import DeepSearch, grep

DeepSearch comes with grep function which is easier to remember!

Search in list for string

>>> obj = ["long somewhere", "string", 0, "somewhere great!"]
>>> item = "somewhere"
>>> ds = obj | grep(item, verbose_level=2)
>>> print(ds)
{'matched_values': {'root[3]': 'somewhere great!', 'root[0]': 'long somewhere'}}

Search in nested data for string

>>> obj = ["something somewhere", {"long": "somewhere", "string": 2, 0: 0, "somewhere": "around"}]
>>> item = "somewhere"
>>> ds = obj | grep(item, verbose_level=2)
>>> pprint(ds, indent=2)
{ 'matched_paths': {"root[1]['somewhere']": 'around'},
  'matched_values': { 'root[0]': 'something somewhere',
                      "root[1]['long']": 'somewhere'}}

To obtain the keys and values of the matched objects, you can use the Extract object.

>>> from deepdiff import grep
>>> obj = {1: [{'2': 'b'}, 3], 2: [4, 5]}
>>> result = obj | grep(5)
>>> result
{'matched_values': OrderedSet(['root[2][1]'])}
>>> result['matched_values'][0]
>>> path = result['matched_values'][0]
>>> extract(obj, path)