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Antifascist Actions

Collection of amazing and inspiring antifa actions.


An open data initiative to map spanish hate crimes

The project Crimenes de Odio have created an open database of the hate crimes registered in the spanish state.

An open data initiative to map spanish fascist icons

The project DeberíaDesaparecer have created an open database of the remains of the spanish fascist regime icons. The visualization they've created is astonishing, and they've provided a form so that anyone can contribute to the dataset.


A fake company and five million recycled flyers

A group of artists belonging to the Center for political beauty created a fake company Flyerservice Hahn and convinced more than 80 regional sections of the far right party AfD to hire them to deliver their electoral propaganda.

They gathered five million flyers, with a total weight of 72 tons. They justify that they wouldn't be able to lie to the people, so they did nothing in the broader sense of the word. They declared that they are the "world wide leader in the non-delivery of nazi propaganda". At the start of the electoral campaign, they went to the AfD stands, and they let their members to give them flyers the throw them to the closest bin. "It's something that any citizen can freely do, we have only industrialized the process".

They've done a crowdfunding to fund the legal process that may result.