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Age of Empires

Basic principles

  • You need to constantly spawn new workers until you reach 120
  • You should have your resources balanced, don't be afraid of using the market if you have too much of something.
  • When gathering food from fastest to slowest you can: fish > hunt deer > hunt boar > hunt sheep > gather berries.

Openings or Build Orders

Basic Opening

When the match starts:

  • Create 2 workers on the town center.

  • With two workers build a house (let's call them 1 and 2). It takes 2 seconds more to build a house than to spawn a worker (25s for the worker), so that's why we need two workers on one house to finish it before the first worker is spawned.

Each additional worker constructing a building will help in 100/(n + 1) %, so the second worker will make the building come up a 25% faster.

  • With the other worker, let's call it 3, build another house.

  • Save the Scout in the keybinding 1 and start scouting in circles around your town center.

  • If you don't see the sheep, start exploring with workers 2, 3 and the scout. As you've already worked a little bit on the first house with the two first workers, the house should be ready when the first worker spawns. It doesn't matter that the second house is not ready at the start because it will pass a time before you need it. It's more crucial to find the sheep.

  • Once you find the first four sheep, bring two of them to the town center (TC), and start exploring with the other two. You should have another 4 sheep a little further from your town center, and they're usually around the boars. Assign the keybinding 3 and 4 to the scouting sheep.

  • Once the houses are built, bring all the workers to the TC to gather the sheep. Mark the new spawned ones to work on them too until you have 6. That guarantees that you'll have enough food to have a continuous flow of spawning workers.

  • Once the 6th worker is spawned, mark the next one to go to the better wood close to you TC. When it's spawned build the lumberjack the closest you can to the forest. Select the 6 sheep workers and assign them to the keybinding 2.

  • Now it's the time to bring all the sheep back to the TC to prevent the enemy from stealing them. Hopefully you'd found the other two pairs of sheep, group them in pairs and put them on each side of the TC

  • You need 4 workers on the wood, remember to micromanage them so that there are no more than two on either side of the lumberjack.

  • The 11th worker goes to fetch the boar (keybinding 3), and once it's killed it gathers on the boar too, that makes 7 on the boar.

  • The 12th worker builds a house and then goes for berries

  • The 13th worker goes to build the mill on the berries

  • The 14th also goes to the berries

  • The 15th goes to fetch the 2nd boar (keybinding 3) and then keeps on gathering to the boar

  • The 16th goes to the berries

  • Once the 17th is spawned, with one lumberjacker build a new house and then go back to gather wood.

  • From the 17th to the 22th goes to the second boar or sheep. Once the resources of the second boar are exhausted or close to ending, garrison the workers under binding 2 in the TC to offload the meat and put them to gather sheep, then put the others on the other group of sheep.

  • Once you start having too much wood, of the boar/sheep gatherers, send the one that has less health to build a farm.

  • After the 22th is spawned, research the loom

  • After loom is researched, research the feudal age.

  • Send 5 or 6 of the sheep gatherers to the wood

Fast castle boom

Strategy guides

How to play maps

Inside the mind of a pro player

Strategies against civilisations

I'm using only the mongols, and so far I've seen/heard from the pros the next strategies:

Newbie pitfalls

  • Don't go for the berries first it's slower.
  • Kill the sheep one at a time, their food rots otherwise
  • Research the Loom too soon
  • Not using the key bindings to build buildings, select buildings, spawn units, control units
  • Not building the farms around the TC
  • Don't let the scout die



Sheep hunting

  • Always gather at the base of the TC or the mill.
  • Use 6 workers on a sheep, that guarantees that you'll have enough food to have a continuous flow of spawning workers
  • If possible, always have another sheep (and not more!) close where the workers are gathering. As soon as they kill the new sheep bring another.

Lumber jacking

  • Assign two workers on each side of the lumberjack. You'll need to continuously micromanage them

  • The optimum of workers per lumberjack is 5, if you have more build a second lumberjack, if possible on a different location.

Berry gathering

  • Similar to Lumber jacking, you need two on each side and prevent them from going all the way around the berries

Boar hunting

  • The worker that fetches the boar hits two arrows to it and then bring it back to the TC, tell it to go past the TC, and once the others are shooting at the boar, garrison it on the TC if you're not sure if he'll survive.
  • Once they are close to the TC make the sheep gatherers go for the boar

Deer hunting

  • Bring the deer closer to the TC with the scout

House building

Build new houses when you're 2 of population down to the limit

Nice games



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